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Tips for feeling at home

Tips for feeling at home

In this mental health week, we thought we would share 5 simple tips for a healthier home. We believe that embellishing and simplifying your daily life, by creating a beautiful and organized living space, is one of the keys to feeling good and serene. Did you know that integrating a new habit into your daily life can take up to 60 days? So why not start slowly with small, easy gestures like these:
1. After working all day in stimulating, direct lighting, soft, ambient light in the evening provides a break between a productive day and a relaxing evening. Dare to even light a candle at dinner or in the evening.
2. Integrating nature into your decor instantly creates a positive impact on ambient energy. Flowers and plants are a simple way to add life! Taking care of your plants is also recognized as a form of therapy called horticultural therapy. However, if you haven't made it there or if you have rooms without natural light, we advise you to opt for dried flowers which will be much less damaging to the environment than fake plants.
3. Smell, our most powerful sense, can influence our emotional state in seconds. That's why we love candles ! A sweet, restful smell of lavender, the freshness of eucalyptus, the vitality of citrus fruits and many others, but above all the smell of pine, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety.
4. Curves and rounded edges are associated with a sense of calm and harmony. They can easily be integrated via accessories and furniture. At Noir et Bois, we love the rounded shapes that are found in the majority of our products: clocks , vases , shelves , etc.
5. Cool hues induce relaxation while warm hues are energizing. For some people, however, these can create anxiety. This is why we suggest adding warmth to your rooms by opting for natural materials such as linen and wood .
We believe that these 5 tips have a positive impact on our daily well-being. We suggest that you take a step back to properly analyze what makes you feel good. Whether it's to create a new routine or to integrate an item from the list when the need arises, the important thing is to listen to yourself and recognize when it's time to take care of yourself. .
At all times, it is important to remember that resources and tools are available to help us achieve well-being. When the signs of psychological distress appear, do not wait to call on an aid or listening organization in our region, or dial *811 (Info-Social).

Meggie Dufour & 
Alexandra Morin-Gagne
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