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Celebrate spring, naturally

Celebrate spring, naturally

The warmth of spring is finally here and, if you're like us, the urge to open the windows wide and cool the house is felt. After the long cold season, spring is an opportunity to purify your daily life and air your mind . With the Easter holiday just around the corner, we thought we would share some ideas to simplify and embellish the preparations for this spring celebration.

Moreover, eggs , rabbits and flowers are symbols of renewal and fertility that invite us to marvel at the cycle of seasons and life. So with that in mind, we're bringing you more intentional and natural ways to celebrate Easter this year.

1. Decorate

Easter decorations are ideal for adding a touch of spring to the household. It is possible to decorate simply with what we have on hand , using our creativity, as for these rabbits made with hand towels in ecological linen from Casannita , or these eggs made from cardboard scraps and dried flowers. Easy as pie, right?

Decorate for spring with eco-friendly linen, handmade bunnies and fresh cut flowers.

If the little rabbits make us crack, our heart also leans for the freshly cut tulips, which will come to embellish any corner by snapping your fingers. At this time of year , it is even possible to find Canadian tulips , ask your florist!

2. Sit down

Who says Easter says brunch with family or friends! To set the table, we like to choose organic textures from nature such as linen, cotton, and of course, wood. Beautiful napkins will easily enhance your decor, in addition to being a more eco-responsible option than disposable napkins.

In the center of the table, we place vases, flowers and candles. At Noir et Bois, we have a little fondness for the dried flowers of Le garde-fleurs , since they keep for a very long time and are therefore more durable. It is possible to make very small bouquets that will be placed in empty eggshells .

Beeswax candle, dried flowers and ecological linen for the table.

It's no surprise that we admit to having a soft spot for beeswax candles , which are unscented. Their sweet smell of honey harmonizes perfectly with that of your freshly cut flowers.

3. Eat

Did you know that the co-founder of Noir et Bois, Oliver, is a strong supporter of buying local? The one who gladly swaps his mimosa made from orange juice for a raw apple juice from Quebec inspired us with the following suggestion. Why not replace some of the chocolates normally offered with some maple products ? Fondants, caramelized popcorn and candy canes are sweets that everyone likes. Maple being strongly associated with the spring thaw , it is the ideal delicacy to treat yourself to at this time of the year, as a symbol of nature awakening.

As for chocolate, there is always a way to buy it at your local bulk, zero-waste or chocolatier grocery store. If not local, they will at least be more eco-responsible.

4. Have fun

Easter is a great opportunity to do activities and outings related to nature. Dyeing eggs with fruit and vegetable peels, planning your garden, repotting your plants or starting new cuttings are ways to celebrate the start of a new cycle .

Cutting plants and starting seedlings to celebrate spring.

Walking outside trying to see and hear the signs of spring is also an activity that is good for both body and mind. We like to take advantage of these little outings to unearth treasures of nature to showcase in one of our wooden vases .

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We hope that these few ideas will inspire you to celebrate Easter and spring in simplicity, by taking small steps to embellish this time of year!

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Alexandra (The Brunette) | Ginny Branch | Lisa (Our Song of Home) | Sarah Quesnel-Langlois (Sarah the Moon) | Annie Daoust

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