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A simplified return to school by being well organized

A simplified return to school by being well organized

Whether you are alone, in a duo or surrounded by children, the fall season is often synonymous with a certain reorganization of the routine . Just like at the start of the year, when you set new intentions, the start of the school year or the arrival of fall is a good time to establish new habits .

At Noir et Bois, the start of the new school year also means an increased mental load and over time, we have developed reflexes to tame this. It is in this spirit that we offer you ways to simplify your daily life with some tips and tricks for organizing at home.

1. Entrance

Transitional place of the house, the entrance is a place that requires strategic storage. With all its departures, its arrivals, its “oops, I'm back, I forgot something”, no one wants to feel cluttered there, or overwhelmed by objects lying around here and there.


Always leave your keys in the same place. Whether in a tray or an empty plate, or on a wall organizer , quickly finding your keys when you leave the house will save you from cold sweats.

If you're worried you'll forget something before you leave (defrost supper, maybe?), put a magnet on your front door, tie a ribbon to your doorknob, or write a memo in your mirror . You will be able to sleep peacefully, knowing that in the morning, a visual reminder is provided in case you forget.

Whether it's a letter to post, a package to return or your reusable bags: leave at the foot of the door what you don't want to forget to bring with you in the morning.

A simplified return to school requires a well-organized entrance: Bosk hooks, Horizon organizer and baskets for each member of the family.


Transitional spaces in the home are often places charged with emotions (stress, excitement, etc.). To help balance it all out, it can be a good idea to leave a positive thought , a word of encouragement or a photo taken during the holidays that makes us feel good!

Family cohesion tip ✨🤸‍♀️

Add hooks or baskets within children's reach, so they can hang or put their belongings on them when they return from daycare or school. So at the time of departure, they will be more autonomous to prepare, leaving you more time to breathe!

“With us, a simplified return to school really involves organizing the entrance thanks to hooks personalized with the children's initials and which are at the height of their little hands. ” - Meggie Dufour, co-founder at Noir et Bois

The formula hooks for coats and baskets for backpacks and small accessories is easy to add to any space. When we get home, we make sure nothing is missing (a small glove that has been misplaced, perhaps?) in order to give yourself time to find a replacement solution and avoid the morning panic.

2. The office

Whether your workspace is at home or in an office, it is important to have a few tips to simplify your daily management and make your day more beautiful. What better time than back to school to get back on a good footing?


Whether you are a hand-written “to-do” (or sweet) list type, or a well-structured computerized list on notion, the simple fact of writing down the tasks to be accomplished at the start of the day is a key element in feeling better organized.

Use a calendar to write down or circle important appointments and times for your month. If digital calendars are very practical, a physical calendar ( click on the link to download our models!) at the office will allow you to spot any scheduling conflict at a glance.

“Instead of taking my important notes in a notebook or piece of paper that I risk misplacing, I write them on a cue card that I put up in plain sight on my desk. If the task is urgent, I write it in red.” - Maëlle Dancause, communications consultant

A well-organized office for the start of the school year with Noir et Bois


Did you know that the elements around us have the power to influence our state of mind? At Noir et Bois, we love dried flowers that bring a natural touch to our decor, without us having to worry about watering them (or watering them enough!). We light a soy candle and we are transported back to the lavender field that made us dream so much this summer!

Team cohesion tip ✨💼

Since back to school is a time of transition for everyone, it is important to take the time to reconnect with your work team, whether they share the same office or a virtual space.

Take the time to start each week with an informal moment of sharing, followed by an intentional moment where you can set common and individual goals for the week!

"I start each week with a follow-up of my accomplishments and a reminder of my upcoming challenges. It helps me stay focused and motivated." - Olivier Couture, co-founder of Noir et Bois

3. The bedroom


The famous office to-do can follow us to bed. So, before you go to bed for the night, take the time to jot down anything you're afraid you'll forget . This simple exercise will help you fall asleep better, knowing you don't have to hold your thoughts all night long!

Putting your hair accessories, jewelry or wireless headphones in a basket or a decorative plate left near the bed is also a great way to avoid getting scattered and risking misplacing something.

“My essentials in organization are baskets and plates. As much in the living room to put the remote controls and blankets as in the bedroom to deposit small objects such as essential oils. Everything is in its place, in an aesthetic and orderly way! ” - Alexandra Morin-Gagné, value creation specialist

Keep the bedroom well organized with storage plates to store jewelry and accessories.

To avoid cluttering up your bedside table, we like to use the wall spaces to add a touch of greenery or life to our decor in the bedroom. You can hang a vase using a macrame planter and put a pretty plant of your choice in it (we have a penchant for those that filter the air like pothos!).

Family cohesion tip ✨🤸 ♀️
In order to help young children with their morning routine, we like to get their clothes ready the night before and hang them on a rack in the order they need to put them on. We can thus deposit from left to right: the underwear, the socks, the sweater then the pants. Small pictograms can also be added above the hook to remind children of the steps.
Using the Stella wall hanger, make children's dressing routines easier!

You can also do this trick right in the wardrobe, by preparing the sets of clothes on a hanger and hanging the underwear on them with a clothespin!

We hope these few tips will inspire you to move from summer to fall in an orderly physical and mental space , leaving you more time to enjoy the beautiful moments of everyday life. We also invite you to download for free the planning and mental discharge tools that we use in our Memori vase .

We also invite you to consult our Instagram page to discover the organizational tips of our ambassadors Alexandra Ganley , Alexandra Labbé , Audrey Borgia and Amy Demanche .

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